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National Award in the Office and Stationery Products Market

The Association of Manufacturers and Resellers of Office and Stationery Products in Russia (APKOR) is happy to present an opportunity to participate in arranging and holding Zolotaya Skrepka (which translates into Golden Clip)  National Award in the Office and Stationery Products Market as a Sponsor. Being a Sponsor of the Zolotaya Skrepka Jubilee Award will allow you to create a positive image for your company and attract attention of participants in the office and stationery products market.
The communicative potential of this prestigious event a priori opens for its sponsor prospects of finding new partners. Powerful image creating opportunities from this event may be used by the Sponsor to enhance the position of its company and ensure an attractive image of its products among professionals, thus leading to establishing an image of a successful brand.

Reasons why Sponsors Choose Zolotaya Skrepka Award:
Being a sponsor will provide for announcing the company as such during the event and long before it.

1. The office and stationery products market is one of the most dynamically developing markets in Russia.

2. Production and sales of office and stationery products unites many industries to include the pulp and paper industry as well as printing, retail and wholesale trade, packaging, etc. Zolotaya Skrepka Award is one of the major and most significant events in these sectors.

3. Providing office and stationery products to enterprises, companies and general public raises general interest.

4. Zolotaya Skrepka Award holds an extensive advertising and PR campaign.

5. The media and financial sponsorship of Zolotaya Skrepka Award is the most efficient way to invest in public opinion and positioning in the business environment.

Most importantly:
Zolotaya Skrepka Award is a non-profit project of public importance with a significant advertising and PR potential.
The organizing committee offers to the financial and media sponsors of Zolotaya Skrepka Award a mutually beneficial cooperation in the framework of the project.
The organizing committee can provide you with all presentation materials and the sponsorship package of Zolotaya Skrepka Award.

The following sponsorship packages are available:

• Primary Sponsor of Zolotaya Skrepka National Award Euro 15, 000
• Official Product of Zolotaya Skrepka National Award Euro 12, 000
• Sponsor of Zolotaya Skrepka National Award Euro 5, 000
• Sponsor of a category in Zolotaya Skrepka National Award Euro 2, 500
• Sponsor of separate events during the Award Ceremony of Zolotaya Skrepka National Award         Euro 2, 000 :

- banners and promotional materials,
- participation in representation packages,
- special promotional campaigns and gifts, etc.
The sponsorship package with a list of services is provided upon request.

The organizing committee is willing to discuss the range of provided services and develop an individual program for sponsorship which to the highest degree possible complies with the Sponsor’s interests. The cost of sponsorship ranges from Euro 2,000 to 15,000 depending on your participation program.
The Association of Manufacturers and Resellers of Office and Stationery Products in Russia (APKOR) invites your company to participate in Zolotaya Skrepka Jubilee Award and benefit from unique sponsorship packages of the Award, a leading ceremony in the industry and thus strengthen your positive image among professionals.

Zolotaya Skrepka Award Organizing Committee:
Ms. Tatyana Kalinina, Executive Director, APKOR, e-mail:
Ms. Mariya Zhookova, Zolotaya Skrepka Project Coordinator,   e-mail:
Telephone: +7 495 648 9138, +7 495 789 9380