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REGULATION on the Zolotaya Skrepka National Award in the Market of Office and Stationery Products in Russia

1.      General Provisions.

1.1.   The Association of Manufacturers and Resellers of Office and Stationery Products in Russia (APKOR) holds the Zolotaya Skrepka National Award in the Market of Office and Stationery Products in Russia.


2.      Objectives of the Award.

2.1.   The principal objective of the award is to identify and support the companies in the market of office and stationery products with best results for the year.

2.2.   The Award also purports to systemize the experience of the best companies in the market of office and stationery products for further study thus promoting development of the national market of office and stationery products.

2.3.   The Award promotes a positive public image of the companies working in the market of office and stationery products.


3.      Requirements to Participants.

3.1.   Russian companies, joint ventures and representative offices of foreign companies registered and carrying out their primary activities in the Russian market of office products may be nominated for the Zolotaya Skrepka Award.

4.      Nominations.

Nomination No.1 National trading company of the year

in three categories according to turnover, $:
  • with a turnover of over 80, 000, 000
  • with a turnover from 30, 000, 000 to 80, 000, 000
  • with a turnover up to 30, 000, 000

Nomination No.2 Wholesale company of the year

according to the regions:
  • Central
  • North-western
  • Privolzhsky
  • Ural
  • Southern
  • Siberian
  • Far East

Nomination No.3 Retail network of the year


Nomination No.4 Leader in corporate services


Nomination No.5 Innovation of the year (a company is nominated for its own product or technology developed in the Russian Federation).

  • innovation product or technology of the year

Nomination No.6 Brand of the year.

Nomination No.7 Marketing project of the year.


Nomination No.8 Catalog of the year.

in the following categories:
  • corporate
  • wholesale
NominationNo.9 Personoftheyear.

Nomination No.10 Best specialized mass media

in the following categories:
  • printed
  • electronic

Nomination No.11 Manufacturer of the year

in the following categories:
  • paperproducts
  • products for children and school products
  • office supplies
  • office paper

Additional awards:

Nomination No.12 Audience choice award (the audience votes during the Award Ceremony)

Nomination No.13 Special prize of the Expert committee


5.      Conditions of Granting the Award.

5.1.   The organizing committee shall define the criteria for evaluation of the participants’ activities.

The main criteria for evaluation are as follows (a list of criteria for each nomination shall be defined separately):

  • dynamics of the growth of sales and trade turnover of the company,
  • increase of the market share,
  • diversification,
  • growth of the distributor’s network and client base,
  • qualityof the products,
  • competitive strengths of the products,
  • company’s standing in the market,
  • evelof services,
  • implementation of new technologies and their efficiency.

5.2.   Nomination of a company for the National award may be done by self-nomination, upon the recommendation of the members of the Expert or organizing committee. The organizing committee shall establish compliance of nominated companies with the requirements of the Award.

5.3.   The organizing committee shall send a list of nominees to the Expert committee for expert evaluation and selecting the finalists.

5.4.   The experts shall select the winner in each nomination by secret voting.

5.5.   No expert may vote in the nomination where a company he/she represents is nominated for the Award.

5.6.   The experts may not disclose information on participants of the award obtained in the evaluation process.

5.7.   Participation in the Award is free.


6.      Procedure of Participation in the Award.

6.1.   Applications for participation in the Award shall be sent to the organizing committee.

6.2.   Any application for participation in the Award shall be signed by the General Director except for the application for the Person of the year.

6.3.   Any company may participate in more than one nomination but such nominations shall be clearly defined.

6.4.   The winners may declare in advertising and other public announcements and publications that they are winners of the Zolotaya Skrepka National Award.

6.5.   Any applications for participation, video and photo materials, copies of documents certifying achievements of participating companies shall not be censured or returned.


7.      Award Ceremony of the Zolotaya Skrepka National Award.

7.1.   The winners shall be announced at the Award Ceremony.

7.2.   The Award participants shall pay for their participation in the festive dinner.

7.3.   Any representatives of third party companies (partners, clients, top managers) may be invited for dinner.

7.4.   Invitation tickets to the Award Ceremony shall be reserved in advance by sending an application in a free form to the organizing committee specifying the name of the company, full name of the person attending the Award Ceremony and contact information.